International Quality Advantage LLC

About Us

Our core business is custom manufacturing of mechanical and electrical assemblies.
We also have capabilities in tactical textile products and marine rigging hardware as ropes and shackles.
Our engineering department assists our customers with solutions to technical challenges aiming to reduce cost utilizing our knowledge and experience in many manufacturing disciplines.

Our capabilities include:

Machining                   Bending              Electrical Wiring
Milling                         Welding               Electrical Assembly
Forming                      Rolling                 Printed Circuit Boards
Punching                    Stamping             Electrical Harness 
Pressing                     Blanking              Cable Assembly
Piercing                      Assembly             Electromachanical Assembly
Finishing                     Painting               Control Boxes
Forging                       Textile sewing      Rope manufacturing and assemblies

Our quality system is  ISO9001:2008 Compliant.