International Quality Advantage LLC

Tactical Gear

IQA manufactures high end military grade tactical gear. Our products are built for durability and designed to mission specific requirements below are some examples of our innovative products

Commander Drop Leg Pouch
A Drop Leg Pouch, especially designed for commanders and officers. It includes a transparent separate compartments for maps, a small notebook, pens and more compartments for personal gear.
Commando Carrier
The new commando backpack series is especially developed to provide a solution for a combatant who carries designated and personal equipment on the battlefield. This backpack is adapts to carry equipment according to the volume dictated by the duration of the operation. 
Light Assault Vest
Ergonomically designed, with a narrow shape and low weight, for maximizing soldier’s maneuverability. Quick and easy to put on and off, perfectly fit for long or short combats in all type of terrains and scenarios.
Tactical Medic Pack
A unique ergonomic back system design provides comfortable
and stable operational mobility and maneuverability. Allows easy access to critical gear in an emergency situation